LK-10 Control meter

LK-10 Control meter



Control meter LK-10 enables uncertainty determination of induction and electronic energy (active and reactive) meters, as well as measurement of basic parameters of one- and three phase networks.


Control meter accuracy is defined at level 0.1%. Direct and indirect (Dietz clamps) currents inputs extend meter’s usability. It is possible
to connect meter head (e.g. GL-10) and hand probe (e.g. GR-10) for checking slow-running meters. The possibility of test report direct printing on thermal printer, connected to control meter is a very useful facility. LK-10 meter enables determining the error of meter’s counter, direction of phase rotation and measurements (True RMS) of voltages, currents, power and energy. Control meter is small and lightweight, its safety and tightness enclosure provides good protection in rough operating conditions.
This device is assigned for Power Utility services, it is specially useful in fighting against illegal power consumption, combined with neodymium magnets applying.
Very high accuracy class and low, competitive price are additional features of the meter.


Voltage range

45÷270 V resolution:
0,01 V for U(L) < 100 V;
0,1 V for U(L) > 100 V

Current range (direct measurement) up to 10 A; resolution: 0,001 A
Current range (indirect measurement) – clamp meter up to 100 A; resolution: 0,01 A;
Φ of clamp meter hole 12 mm

Direct measurement:
allowable uncertainty of voltage and current measurement allowable uncertainty of active power and energy measurement allowable uncertainty of reactive power and energy measurement

±(0,1 % of reading + 1 digit) ±(0,2 % of reading + 1 digit) ±(0,5 % of reading + 1 digit)

Indirect measurement – clamp meter
allowable uncertainty of current, power and energy measurement
±(1 % of reading +1 digit)
Rated power consumption 14 VA
Voltage inputs U1, U2, U3, N
Current inputs I1, I2, I3
Inputs: clamp meter Dietz clamp meter up to 100 A
Inputs: measuring head ...

... meter’s type GL-10;

... manual type GR-10

Operation temperature -5 ºC ÷ +40 ºC
Enclosure protection IP 67
Power supply (mains)
Power supply (from measured circuit)
100 ÷ 240 V, 50 Hz
230 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions 380 x 260 x 130 mm
Weight ok. 2 kg

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