Management of Transformers Maintenance - Wisła 2008

Management of Transformers Maintenance - Wisła 2008

From 16-18th April 2008 r. at the Conference Centre "STOK" in Wisła – Jawornik there was held the conference: MANAGEMENT OF TRANSFORMERS MAINTENANCE A record-breaking number of participants took part in the conference - about 260 persons. The company:
Zakład Pomiarowo-Badawczy Energetyki "ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA" Ltd.
was an organizer of the conference, with the participation of the following companies:

  • ABB Spółka z o.o. Branch in Łódź,
  • AREVA T&D Spółka z o.o. Factory of Transformers Mikołów,
  • Energoserwis S.A. Lubliniec,
  • Fabryka Transformatorów w Żychlinie Spółka z o.o.,
  • Polimex Mostostal S.A. Factory of AREW, Transformers Branch in Łódź.

The event was held under the patronage of:

  • Association of Polish Electrical Engineers,
  • Polish Committee of CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems),
  • PSE-Operator S.A.,
  • Association of Polish Consultants.

The main topic of the conference was: MANAGEMENT OF TRANSFORMERS MAINTENANCE. The conference was granted the status of regional CIGRE conference.

The issues discussed concerned the assurance of high reliability of power transformers and reduction of breaks in the electric power supply in accordance with the Energy Law Act through the optimal use of transformers, especially their transmission power. Any activities related to the management of transformers maintenance should be undertaken not only with regard to the consequences of natural (ordinary) operational and disturbance conditions, but above all they should determine the procedures of deliberate and intentionally executed management of the operating staff. The above activities, on the one hand, concern the different issues associated with the operation of transformers and, on the other take into consideration various preventive procedures and diagnostic tests the purpose of which is to keep transformers in the state of normal operation. Their accomplishment requires modern methods of research, unambiguous hints concerning procedures in disturbance events and information enabling to formulate correct conclusions and recommendations. The presented papers included practical experience of persons responsible for the maintenance of transformers as well as the results of research and technical analyses. They provided a solid basis for discussion and enabled to draw conclusions of a wide range of application To sum up this year’s conference, its participants defined directions of activity for the next few years which were highlighted in the form of post-conference conclusions The most important message emerging from these conclusions not only for the conference participants but also for all persons managing the maintenance of the National power system (NPS) concerned the following matters:

  • preserving a two-year cycle of organizing the conference: "Management of Transformers Maintenance" and entrusting the company ZPBE ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA Gliwice with its organization,
  • with regard to the introduction of new methods of transformers testing into the maintenance practice, the editorial staff of the Instruction of Transformers Maintenance has been obliged to draw up supplements to the Instruction and make them available to users,
  • management of transformers maintenance requires creating and current supplementing of the database of transformers,
  • as usual, ZPBE ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA Gliwice should be entrusted with the supervision of transformer oils used in Poland. Simultaneously, ENERGOPOMIAR- ELEKTRYKA is obliged to provide current information on the quality of oils and any arising hazards to the producers of transformers as well as to all professional and industrial power engineering companies,
  • the selection of on-load tap changers and the performance of their service should be based on the technical and economical analysis.
    The producers of transformers should be obliged to provide users with complete and up-to-date documentation of on-load tap changers,
  • the FRA method should be elaborated and relevant criteria drawn up, basing on model and operation works.

The initiative of publishing a guide concerning the application of methods of the measurement of transformers should be willingly undertaken and developed. Future conferences: "Management of Transformers Maintenance" should begin with a report on the realization of conclusions reported at the previous conference.




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