Management of Transformers Maintenance - Wisła 2006

Management of Transformers Maintenance - Wisła 2006

From 26-28th April 2006 at the Conference Centre "STOK" in Wisła – Jawornik, there was once again held the conference on: MANAGEMENT OF TRANSFORMERS MAINTENANCE

The company:
Zakład Pomiarowo-Badawczy Energetyki "ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA" Ltd.
was an organizer of the conference, together with Instytut Energetyki/Institute of Power Engineering
Transformers Branch in Łódź and with the participation of the following companies:

  • ABB Spółka z o.o. Branch in Łódź
  • AREVA T&D Spółka z o.o. Factory of Transformers Mikołów,
  • Energoserwis S.A. Lubliniec,
  • Fabryka Transformatorów in Żychlin Spółka z o.o.
  • PPU Trans Energo S.A. in Radom
  • ZREW S.A. Zakład Transformatory.

The event was held under the patronage of:
Polish Committee of CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems)
PSE-Operator S.A.
Polskie Towarzystwo Zaplecza Produkcyjno-Remontowego Energetyki (Polish Association
of Power Industry Back-up Facilities for Production and Repair)
Association of Polish Consultants
An important aspect of the work of the power system consists in the proper management of transformers maintenance, aimed at maintaining their high reliability and reducing breaks in the electric power supply in compliance with the requirements of the Energy Law act. Any activities related to the management of transformers maintenance should be undertaken not only with regard to the consequences of natural (ordinary) operational and disturbance conditions, but above all they should determine the procedures of deliberate and intentionally executed management of the operating staff. The above activities, on the one hand, concern the different issues associated with the operation of transformers and, on the other, take into consideration various preventive procedures and diagnostic tests the purpose of which is to keep transformers in the state of normal operation. Their accomplishment requires modern methods of research, unambiguous hints concerning procedures in disturbance events and information enabling to formulate correct conclusions and recommendations. The above mentioned issues were the topic of the conference. The conference was granted the status of regional CIGRE conference.

The aim of the conference was to present and discuss the following problems:

  • release of an updated version of Transformers Maintenance Instruction;
  • economic and organizational problems of transformers maintenance;
  • diagnostic testing of transformers – new testing methods and their effectiveness;
  • failure rate and operating defects of transformers;
  • optimum strategy in the scope of renovation activities;
  • maintenance of mineral oils and synthetic insulating fluids;
  • modern design of transformers and modernization of old units;
  • "on-line" monitoring and diagnostic;
  • principles of insuring transformers and the liquidation of damages;
  • technical and economic requirements concerning the purchase of transformers.



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