Management of Transformers Maintenance – Wisła 2004

Management of Transformers Maintenance – Wisła 2004

From 31st March to 2nd April 2004 at the Conference Centre "STOK" in Wisła – Jawornik, there was once again held the conference on: MANAGEMENT OF TRANSFORMERS MAINTENANCE

The main organizer of the conference was the company:
Zakład Pomiarowo-Badawczy Energetyki "ENERGOPOMIAR-ELEKTRYKA" Ltd.

and with the participation of the following companies:

  • ABB Spółka z o.o. Branch in Łódź
  • ALSTOM T&D S.A. Factory of Transformers Mikołów
  • EV Zychlińskie Transformatory Spółka z o.o.
  • Instytut Energetyki/Institute of Power Engineering Transformers Branch in Łódź
  • PPRE Energoserwis S.A. Lubliniec
  • ZREW Warszawa S.A. Transformatory Janów

The event was held under the patronage of:

  • PSE-Operator S.A.
  • Polskie Towarzystwo Zaplecza Produkcyjno-Remontowego Energetyki (Polish Association of Power Industry Back-up Facilities for Production and Repair)

Proper management of transformers maintenance should be guided by operational procedures, the main aim of which is to ensure high reliability of transformers.
This in turn requires a hierarchical ordering of numerous problems, the most important of which are the standard procedures relevant for current operating activities, diagnostic testing and conservation-renovation works.
Their accomplishment is dependent upon access to modern diagnostic devices, instructions concerning action to be taken in the event of disturbance as well as other information enabling to formulate proper conclusions and recommendations The management of transformers maintenance should provide for such a selection of standard operating procedures that will take into consideration normal operational and disturbance conditions as well as any changes resulting from them, which are the effect of both physical aging processes as well as emergency events. Taking care of reliable operation of transformers imposes the need for credible information about their technical condition and about the possibility of their further reliable operation. The aim of the conference was to present and discuss the following problems:

  • economic and organizational problems of transformers maintenance. Effective maintenance with regard to costs and time
  • technical diagnostic of transformers. New testing methods and their effectiveness.
  • Diagnostic testing carried out depending on the condition of the transformer and current needs (condition-based);
  • failure rate and operating defects of transformers;
  • the optimum strategy within the scope of the renovation and replacement of transformers. Reduction of costs of inspections, surveys and repairs by fast detection of defects and control of their development as well as by preventing serious breakdowns;
  • maintenance of mineral oils and synthetic insulating fluids. New kinds of currently implemented oils. Experience in applying synthetic liquids;
  • technical and economic requirements concerning the purchase of transformers' lot;
  • modern design of transformers and modernization of old units;
  • "on-line" monitoring and diagnostic testing;
  • principles of insuring transformers and the liquidation of damages;


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